Carolyn Holm
Author of Flamingo Moon, a novel

Flamingo Moon
A coming of age novel written for adults.

IN THIS WARM AND HUMOROUS STORY of mothers, daughters and absent fathers, young Honey Barkin leaves her unconventional family determined to live an independent life, but a few careless choices later finds herself all too alone on the gritty streets of Los Angeles.
Armed with misguided confidence she goes from a lusty schoolmate crush to a seemingly exciting and adult affair with a middle-aged man, then drifts into a precarious foothold in a Silver Lake hipster household.  Each is fun while it lasts but when things go awry, she doggedly tries to muddle along, counting on others to help her, without realizing just how dark life can become.  With each setback she becomes ever more vulnerable to the consequences of her misguided choices.  Finally unable to turn to anyone for help--her friends and family kept at arm's length, and she and her mother estranged by their secrets--she finds within herself what she needs to survive, discovering her own ingenuity and strength just when she has nearly lost everything.

Amazon readers give this coming-of-age story 
4.7 STARS out of 5

“I couldn’t put it down, great read!”


“Great story of daughters and mothers and misplaced pride.  

We are all of us three bad decisions away from catastrophe, 

and one good decision from redemption.”


“Splendid story…characters with depth and color”


“Slice of life…up and down the (California) coast.”

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Book Group Reader's Guide
Thank you for making Flamingo Moon your next book group selection!  Click HERE for a printable guide with questions and thoughts for reader discussion.  Spoiler alert: this guide assumes you have read the book.  If you haven't, you may not want to spoil the experience by reading it before you finish Flamingo Moon.

Food and Hunger in Flamingo Moon
Food and its enjoyment, as well as hunger and its pain, come up over and over in the story.  Sadly, food insecurity is an issue for all too many here in our land of plenty.  You can help make a difference by supporting your local food bank.  One way is to ask your book group members to bring donations to your meeting.  Or readers can go to FEEDING AMERICA to make a donation to support food banks nationwide.

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